Monday, February 6, 2012

Another man's treasure

The Trashfinders' Ball is a local event that celebrates trash finds and the creativity and fun of re-purposing objects. Proceeds from the Fifth Annual Trashfinders Ball will go to The Beverly Farmers' Market!

What do you do with your trash? Do you try and find a home for useful items before you put out in the trash barrel? Do you have a pile of things to "place" in new homes or donate to Big Brother, Big Sister in your hallway like I do? Some people just put it out on the side of the road. What happens to it then?

If the object is good enough and in the right place at the right time, someone will come along and treasure it as a trash find. There are some beautiful and useful things put out in the trash. There are some things put out that are valuable for their strangeness. Who finds these things? Who is daring and patient enough to see the beauty in trash? The Trashfinders.

The Ball is an amazingly entertaining event! There will be music, food, a puppet show, raffles, a trashion show, a cash bar, and a contest for the best trash find of the year.

Attend the Ball. Support The Beverly Farmers' Market. Celebrate the little things we do that actually promote sustainability in our environment and our community.

Event Details
The Trashfinders' Ball
Franco-American Club, 44 Park Street in Beverly, MA,
Saturday, March 31, 2012
7:00 pm
Tickets are $10
To preorder tickets call or email Estelle Rand at 978-473-9891 or
Tshirts are $12, designed by Greg Orfanos

Many thanks to Sean Devlin for organizing The Trashfinders Ball, and for supporting The Beverly Farmers' Market!

Please, view the website for more information. Click here: The Trashfinders Ball